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Building better bodies for over 20 years!

Hello there! I am Sunday Emmanuel Ezekiel, a bodybuilding and fitness expert with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Growing up in a family of weightlifters, I started weight training to stay fit, and after winning several competitions, I developed a passion for bodybuilding and decided to pursue it further.

My Story

I began weight training 22 years ago, simply as a means to stay fit. Growing up in a family where everyone lifted weights, it was only natural that I'd follow suit.

My journey as a bodybuilder officially began in 2004, when I won a Canada-based supplement company Cyber contest called PHYSIQUE GUY OF THE WEEK by I also won another cyber contest called the MCBB CUBER CONTEST. These victories fueled my interest and dedication to the fitness and bodybuilding sport. In 2007, I entered my first local stage show, Lagos Natural by NBON, and was fortunate enough to win the overall competition.

Since then, I have represented Nigeria in notable African bodybuilding competitions and have competed in some NPC sanctioned events and IFBB world events. As a certified personal trainer and bodybuilding specialist, I hold certifications from ISSA, ASFA, and IFBB Weider.


Putting God first has been instrumental in my success, both in and out of the gym.

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